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icon Site useage: Requires HTML5 compatable browser. Place cursor in "Pick a date" window. From pop-up calendar, select a past date for which data are available from one of the meteor shower surveillance networks. Pick today's date to get table of participating observers below interactive sphere. Rotate sphere with cursor. Hover over point to get the IAU stream number. Click to bring up a new window to see that shower in space.

Explanation: The celestial sphere shows stars in black and meteors in colors (showers: red = fast, blue = slow) or white (non-showers). Each dot is the direction from which a meteor approached (called the "radiant"), displayed in sun-centered ecliptic coordinates. Showers are assigned according to the CAMS Shower Lookup Table (10 Mb) described in this publication. New showers will show up as groupings of white dots.

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